Dri Torres

software developer | data scientist | ux/ui designer
located in Santa Fe, NM


it's hard. it has to be done. understanding computer architecture and programming has helped me in many other areas of my life. computational thinking can be applied to almost any problem, and it helps when developing applications that make life easier, which is why i received my BS in Computer Science from American University in 2016.


i have always enjoyed learning, and in order to learn you have to know how to ask the right questions. the process of journalism and formulating a story is an invaluable skill, and one that fascinates me. from a young age i involved myself with story telling and advocating for people to share their stories.


data science and statistics are powerful tools to analyze data. i enjoy using the R programming language for data science and ML. i enjoy reading manuals and books on the topic, and hope to expand my skills in the area further


for my capstone in the fall of 2015, i collaborated with the game lab professors at American University to expand their game called function force . view the code here


on the Data Team at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau i helped develop a website that utilized 18F's analytics reporter tool to help display google analytic data in real time. view the code here


for an arifical intelligence class, me and my classmates integrated a chess AI on top of a chess game that we made in java. view the code here


i participated in a 48 hour competition working with surprise data from Edmunds.com. i was responsible for sampling and analysis using R and Rstudio. view our presentation here


pennapps 2014 -> i created an Web App and Android App focusing on healthcare. i used angular.js for the front end functionality of the web app. view submission here
global game jam 2014 -> we developed a game for the oculus rift using unity. view code here